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VOIP Installs and Upgrades a Success Thanks to NET

Project Details

Time Frame:

20 Weeks


900+ Sites

Services Provided:

National Rollouts

Technologies Implemented:

NET WebIcon Tech VoiceDataWireless
NET WebIcon Tech DigitalSignage
NET WebIcon Tech StucturedCabling

NET completed VOIP system installs/upgrades, and has installed and successfully cutover over 900 sites, from POTS to POTS systems as well as POTS to SIP. In addition, the team worked with variable LECs (local exchange carriers) to ensure the porting of numbers and cutovers were 100% successful. And the 24/7 staffed help desk handled any challenges that arose.

Project Scope

NET ordered and installed all feeder cables from the main IDF cabinet to the main EDC/Demarc closet, as well as installed new VOIP equipment into the main IDF such as Cisco Routers, Gateways, and patch panels. The team also pulled and terminated new station cable to each phone, dressed all installed cabling in the rack with Velcro and clearly labeled each phone cable on the patch panel. Finally, NET programmed and installed each labeled phone, with the customized labeling scheme desired by each customer.

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