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AXP/AP Wireless Installations a Key Capability

Project Details

Time Frame:

2 Weeks/Site


1300+ Sites

Services Provided:

Total Power and PM

Technologies Implemented:

NET WebIcon Tech VoiceDataWireless
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NET WebIcon Tech StucturedCabling

NET has completed over 1300 AXP/AP installs for customers across the country – the majority of these being Motorola and Cisco, amongst others. Over the years, NET has maintained Air Magnet licenses and cards to perform post-install surveys. In addition, NET's 24/7 help desk will assist help with anything that may arise after the install and cutover.

Project Scope

These types of projects include:

  • Installing new cabling and wireless devices to locations throughout the building, per print provided by customer
  • Installing wireless controllers in the main IDF rack
  • Dressing all installed cabling in the rack with Velcro
  • Clearly labelling each wireless device location on the rack/switch location with a labeling scheme desired by each customer

In addition, the Air Magnet surveys record the signal strength of the AXP/AP wireless units and their coverage zones. NET’s network of trained and certified technicians complete these surveys.


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