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IP video is making real-time customer experience management a reality

What's at the heart of the IP video technology revolution? Find out on the NET blog.

Security     |     Voice Data and Wireless     |     Traffic Counting     |     November 9, 2018

If you’ve been watching the evolution of IP video technology as closely as NET’s tech experts have, you know the words “on the edge” have never been truer. The sensors, readers and cameras positioned on the edge of your storefronts’ IP networks are working harder, seeing more—and understanding more—than ever before.

What’s at the heart of this retail revolution? Huge leaps forward in IP video hardware and software, from the latest multi-sensor, multi-lens cameras to new, highly sophisticated on-board analytics computing. No more waiting for the cloud to data crunch. These advances are putting on-demand in-store processing power in retailers’ hands right now.

When retailers combine cutting edge IP video with today’s expanding Internet of Things—and develop exciting new use cases for artificial intelligence in online and brick-and-mortar stores—groundbreaking innovations are bound to happen. It’s no wonder the retail tech heads here at Net Technologies are so excited.

The edge technologies that many retailers had relegated to the staid world of security and loss prevention are now posed to shake up the future of real-time customer experience management. According to our crystal ball, IP video technology will be an instrumental tool for forward-thinking retailers looking to gather actionable customer data and personalize their customers’ experiences on the fly. What could that look like?

Deeper on-demand analytics

Motion detection and object tracking is just the beginning. AI keeps stretching IP video’s capabilities, making it possible to identify actions and emotions, and differentiate between customer along demographic lines. That means deeper data—and the possibility to build in real-time triggers and alerts—for retailers looking to shape their store layouts and displays, promotions and customer service around shoppers’ trending habits, interests and reactions.

Next level surveillance and security

Want to pinpoint the displays that attract shoplifters? Or guide shoppers to specific exits based on the emergency at hand? With machine learning on your IP network’s edge, creating a safer environment for customers and employees may no longer be a matter of planning and training for incidents. Instead, we see a future where retail stores will be use actionable, real-time security and surveillance information—like traffic patterns, shoplifting trends and facial recognition tracking—to provide enhanced loss prevention and personalized customer support.

Fully-integrated experiences

The usefulness of on-camera artificial intelligence extends well beyond smart video. Integrating AI-powered edge technologies with other in-store tech systems opens up a world of possibilities. Connect smart motion alerts to your audio system, and you can let injured customers know medical care is on the way after a slip-and-fall. Tie IP video object recognition to shelf sensors and a mobile app, and you can power a cashierless store. And that’s just the beginning.

Real-time customer experience management is on the way. That’s why NET offers complete retail tech services to help you upgrade or reconfigure your enterprise network infrastructure to support high-quality IP surveillance video. And the expertise you need to rollout the right edge technologies for your business goals and bottom line. Get ready for what’s next with help from NET.