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Accessories in the World’s BIGGEST Box

Project Details

Time Frame:



National Sites

Services Provided:

24/7 Maintenance & Support

Technologies Implemented:

NET WebIcon Tech VoiceDataWireless
NET WebIcon Tech PointOfSaleKiosks
NET WebIcon Tech StucturedCabling

America’s Accessory store struck a ‘Store within a Store’ deal with The World’s Largest Retailer.  Being a veteran Vendor, it was an obvious pick to have NET do the install.

Project Scope

Each installation starts with a survey to see what’s existing in the tenant space to ensure there was cable for DMARC extension, and if circuit was installed and live.

Installation – The install of the DMARC extension was installed, if not already in place.  A rack was installed for termination of the DMARC and all internal cabling was completed inside tenant space; 5 in total, for PC’s, POS, phones and customer tracking device.  NET techs installed POS and all equipment.

End Results

Once the installation was finished the technician installed DSL filter and tested all devices for connectivity and functionality.  Upon completion of the installation all deliverables were collected for verification.

All of the above Phases were on time and within the customers budget.