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Get the Shirt on your Back, in a Snap!

Project Details

Time Frame:



National (400+ sites) Sites

Services Provided:

24/7 Maintenance & Support

Technologies Implemented:

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When one of America’s most prestigious clothing retailer wanted to install an online pick-up area in their stores, where customers could pick up their orders, do returns and buy gift cards, they called NET for a seamless install. 

Project Scope

Installation – Each installation consisted of installing 5 CAT5e cables for data, phone and IPTV along with 4 cameras for security.  After cabling was complete, NET technicians installed all racks, network equipment and end user equipment (phones, PC’s and cameras).  Each store has a different layout, IDF closet locations had to be identified for location and cables specs, adding a uniqueness to each install.

End Results

Once the installation was complete the technician called into NET’s Help Desk for verification and testing. Upon completion of the installation all deliverables were collected for our customer.

All of the above Phases were completed with efficient communication with the customer to make for a seamless install.  The project was successfully completed on time and within the customers budget.