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Wireless Car Shoppers!

Project Details

Time Frame:

1 Night Install


National (200+ sites) Sites

Services Provided:

National Rollouts

Technologies Implemented:

NET WebIcon Tech VoiceDataWireless
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A National Car Dealership came to NET to install all new Wireless AP’s for a Nationwide upgrade.  NET technicians worked with the dealership management to seamlessly schedule over 200 store surveys and subsequent installations.  All of this was done during the evening hours to not disrupt the customer buying experience.

Project Scope

Survey – Each installation begins with a survey to determine the wireless coverage needs.  This is scheduled with each Dealership to not disrupt the buying experience, nor customers shopping.  The survey is quite extensive, with some dealerships, consisting of indoor and outdoor showrooms.

Installation – The install of the cabling and units are all completed in 1 night.  This consists of up to 20 CAT6 cables pulled inside and out for Wireless AP installs.  The store types varied from the number of entrances, ceiling type, mounting with uni-strut or pendant drop.

Completion – Once the installation was complete the technician called into NET’s Help Desk for configuration and testing. Upon completion of the installation, all deliverables were collected for verification.

End Results

All of the above Phases were completed with efficient communication with the customer to make for a seamless install.  The project was successfully completed on time and within the customers budget.