5 QSR benefits from upgraded DMBs & Ordering Kiosks

DMBs (Digitial Menu Boards) and Ordering Kiosks offer an easy way for QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurants) to communicate the menu, quickly and efficiently. They offer the ability to create, manage and run your content in a creative way.  Also, allowing the means to create measurable value through your marketing strategy, maximizing your ROI.

Is it time to upgrade your digital menu boards and ordering kiosks?

Upgrading your digital menu boards and ordering kiosks offers a myriad of compelling reasons to propel your business forward. These modern solutions streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce wait times, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. With eye-catching visuals and dynamic content, upgraded digital menu boards effectively promote specials and upsell opportunities, maximizing sales and revenue. Additionally, data-driven insights from the upgraded systems provide valuable information about customer preferences and behavior, enabling targeted marketing strategies for increased personalization. Embracing these advancements not only boosts your brand image but also positions your business at the forefront of innovation, staying ahead of competitors in today's fast-paced market.

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5 benefits of upgraded DMBs and Ordering Kiosks

1. Shorter wait times:

If customers are unable to use the ordering kiosks, they may have to wait in longer lines to place their orders with a cashier. This can lead to frustration and impatience, which can negatively impact the customer experience. To address these challenges, it's essential for QSRs to prioritize the proper maintenance and timely resolution of any technical issues with their ordering kiosks. Regular upkeep and upgrades can help prevent potential malfunctions and minimize disruptions to the ordering process.

2. Increase efficiency:

Ordering kiosks are designed to streamline the ordering process and reduce wait times. When they are not working properly, it can slow down the entire ordering process and decrease efficiency. By prioritizing the functionality and reliability of ordering kiosks, QSRs can continue to benefit from the advantages of streamlined operations and reduced wait times, enhancing the overall customer experience and ultimately driving higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Avoid lost sales:

If customers are unable to place their orders due to malfunctioning kiosks, they may choose to go to a different restaurant instead. This can result in lost sales and revenue for the restaurant. By providing an efficient and user-friendly ordering process, the restaurant can enhance customer satisfaction, encourage repeat visits, and attract new patrons through positive word-of-mouth.

4. Fewer negative reviews:

Customers who have a negative experience due to malfunctioning kiosks may leave negative reviews online, which can harm the restaurant's reputation and deter potential customers. Investing in reliable and well-maintained ordering kiosk systems is not only vital for operational efficiency but also critical for protecting the restaurant's online reputation and attracting and retaining customers in the highly competitive hospitality industry

5. Decreased maintenance costs:

If the ordering kiosks require frequent repairs or maintenance, it can lead to increased costs for the restaurant. To mitigate these issues, it's crucial for QSRs to invest in high-quality and reliable ordering kiosk systems. Regular preventive maintenance can also help identify potential issues early on, reducing the likelihood of major breakdowns and minimizing overall maintenance costs. Additionally, establishing a partnership with a reliable service provider can ensure prompt and efficient repairs when needed.


Overall, malfunctioning ordering kiosks can have a significant impact on the customer experience, efficiency, and revenue of fast food restaurants. It is important for restaurants to ensure that their kiosks are properly maintained and functioning to avoid these negative consequences. Are you ready to upgrade your DMBs and ordering kiosks? Reach out to us today, NET can help!

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