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You’re in Public View!

Project Details

Time Frame:

120 days


National (600+sites) Sites

Services Provided:

National Rollouts

Technologies Implemented:

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The World’s Largest Retailer needed to install security cameras and monitor screens above multiple checkouts inside its stores.  A tight timeline called for NET to bring out the best to complete within 4 nights onsite.

Project Scope

Installation – Techs worked throughout the night installing uni-strut, poles and hanging monitors and cameras above each checkout location inside the store.  There was a comprehensive set up for each camera for focus and point of view.  Cabling was run from each camera to central hub for monitor display.  The store types varied from number of entrances, ceiling type, mounting with uni-strut or pendant drops for cameras.

End Results

Once the installation was complete the technician called into NET’s Help Desk for calibration of cameras and testing. Upon completion of the installation all deliverables were collected for verification.

All of the above Phases were completed with efficient communication with the customer to make for a seamless install.  The project was successfully completed on time and within the customers budget.